Akebono means ‘daybreak’ in Japanese. The first light after the darkness of night. Akebono initiations consist of a series of services (translations of Japanese texts, sworn translations, crash courses in Japanese, coaching and consulting services,…) which one way or other shed a light on Japanese language and culture.

Akebono is also the name of a famous Hawaïan sumo-wrestler who was number one in Japan during the nineties. The living proof that it is possible for non Japanese to be successful in Japan. Akebono initiations would like to assist you in this endeavour.


Literary and theatre texts
Patents – judicial texts – business texts
To and from Japanese – English – Dutch

Sworn translations

Sworn translator at the Court of Antwerp since 1994, certified in 2019
From Japanese
From and into English
From and into Dutch

Japanese language courses

Based on the practical needs of the client

Innovative teaching methods: TPR, strategic interaction, learning kanji according to James W. Heisig’s method, audio-visual support New: online language training via Skype

Coaching and consulting

Individual coaching of managers and workshops for teams in companies doing business with Japan or for local staff of Japanese companies in Belgium.

Focus on Japan’s cultural background and communication practice